Do you know sex? These are the most incredible sexual deviations

20 Nov 2016

Human sexuality is full of mysterious nooks and unexplored areas. Of course, the ordinary person does not know most of them, after all, not all are positive and pleasant. Nature is simply erratic.

If we look at a diverse range of different sexual practices, techniques, or deviations, we find that most people lead a dull, even dull, sex life. No excitement, no fetish, nothing to cross borders. Do not believe? Here is a list of the most interesting things sexuality can bring:

Acrotomophilia: Persons with this deviation achieve excitement when looking at bodies with amputated limbs. Fetish, however, is not the amputation itself, but just the stub that remained after the limb.

Teratophilia: A very similar deviation is teratophilia. People who have it attract various body deformations, especially physical deformations, but also scars or injuries. Sometimes they even tend to be harmful.

Pygism: This also refers to obsession with the background, but beware, we do not just mean anal intercourse. A pygist loves anything about his ass, for example a technique called rimming, or tongue irritation.

Grafolagnia: This is a deviation when one gets the most excitement in watching obscene images, videos, or other visuals. A more simple or rather different form of this deviation is the dependence on porn.

Menomania: This aberration mainly affects men and is an obsession and attraction to women at the time of their menstruation. An extreme form of deviation is when a man requires a woman's oral sex at the time of the menzes.

Dendrophilia: Well, this deviation is really very interesting, but fortunately, it is one of the most harmless. It is an excitement by attracting to trees. It is said that King Xerxes also suffered from this deviation.

Defloration mania: Adherents of this practice can achieve sexual satisfaction only during sexual intercourse with a virgin. The number of "victims" in this case counts even hundreds and is always purely a physiological matter.

Dakryphilia: Behind this name is a very strange deviation in which you are sexually excited to cry. It is a fetish that can be passive in which you are excited by the crying of others, or active when you are excited by your own crying.

Mechanophilia: If you are a mechanophile, then it is very likely that you will soon establish an intimate relationship with your car, truck, tractor or aircraft. There are even cases where such a person has entered into a marriage with a machine.

Castratophilia: While the previous fetish was painless, in the case of castratophilia it will be the opposite. This is because of the excitement of the castration process, and in the most extreme cases, this deviation ends in amateur self-castration.

Retephism: This is a specific kind of fetishism with a focus on shoes. People with this deviation require the partner to have shoes during sexual intercourse that they can kiss or use to irritate their genital organ.

Vorarophilia: A very dangerous practice is vorarophilia, which is characterized by the fact that one is excited by the notion of being eaten by someone else, or that he himself is eating someone else. Be careful not to go to action!

Exofilia: The last deviation we imagine is exofilia. This is the excitement of having sexual intercourse with inhuman, robotic, supernatural, or extraterrestrial species. Imagination does not really limit.

Quite an interesting list of missed practices and techniques, right? If neither of them is appealing to you, which is not surprising, you do not have to despair, because even “ordinary” sex can be a big ride. Try and see that even without the weirdest fetishes and deviations, you can enjoy sex to the fullest!

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