Sexually shaped thighs or flat belly: 5 best positions!

12 Feb 2017

There are countless different sexual positions. Some are more appealing to women, others to men, some are insanely simple, others are quite cumbersome. The following positions will help you to practice your shoulders, tummy, thighs, buttocks, as well as your lower back, which suffers especially when sitting in the office for a long time.

Cardio and strength training in one (and still not all) Sex is an incredibly great way to provide you with several benefits:

You have regular sex with your partner take care of the development of your sexual condition, you practice several body parts in the most pleasant way, replace cardio exercises with strength, you can “exercise” in the comfort of your home and completely without clothes (saving detergent). What do you say is there a way to compete with sex? In the following five positions, we will show you how to practice some important body parts. As a bonus, we also attach one super position for gentlemen and sexual supplements that are “worthwhile”.

Cowgirl The role of the partner in this case is not at all difficult, but it allows you to ride wild while exercising your thighs and butt. Imagine how you normally feel fit when you “squat”. Now drive this idea to another. You are straddling a reclining partner and “settling” on his penis. Pleasant position you “boss” you - determine the speed and depth of penetration while practicing your butt and thighs.

Rear bends with forward bend Do you know the location of a dog from yoga? Both the feet and the palms rest on the mat and your body creates an imaginary letter V, only in the inverted position. This position promotes flexibility, strengthens the rear thighs and hands together with the shoulders. A partner can break into you from behind and your job is to maintain stability. Great way to practice important games!

Doggy style The dog's position is a “classic” position where a woman kneels with her hands propped on the ground and the partner is behind her. He can touch the partner's breast and regulate the speed and depth of penetration. With a slight change, however, you can get rid of sagging skin in the armpits! Move closer to the wall and rotate the positions of the hands. In front of yourself or on the ground. Maintaining stability will strengthen the upper abdomen and shoulders at the same time.

bridge However, a more demanding position is the queen in sexual positions that strengthen muscle. With it, you will strengthen the abdomen and center of the body, the rear thighs and stability, and give your partner the best view of everything that really interests you during sex. To do so, lie on your back, put your hands side by side, lift your butt up and put your feet slightly apart. The partner will have enough space between the thighs.

Location for the most demanding Do you know the position of the candle? Your butt and legs are facing up, and you are leaning your hands on the ground to maintain balance. It's also an interesting sexual position. A man kneels to you and helps to keep his legs in line, while he is allowed to get where he needs. In this position, you will exercise from the cervical spine, butt, center of the body and back and shoulders.

Partner location bonus In order for your partner to also use sex as a form of physical development, allow him or her to plan and missionary at the same time. The position of the male body is the same as before clicking, just under the man will be you. Plank is designed to work out the whole body and thanks to it the man can build a firm and flat belly.

In order to allow your partner to “keep up with you” while trying out all the interesting locations, be sure to supply natural-based nutritional supplements that will favorably endure his bedtime, eventually regain libido and contribute to a solid erection.

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